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Our vision is to help Australian families and businesses secure their financial futures against some of life's most devastating events through the use of personal insurance packages designed to meet the specific and individual requirements of every client.

Events such as traumatic accidents, debilitating sickness and sometimes pre-mature death create uncertainty and worry for both the person affected and also the families and loved ones associated. EZI Protect seeks to help our clients address the financial aspects of this uncertainty by listening to your needs and addressing your concerns through the range of insurances available on the market. We are not a one size fits all organisation and do not represent any one particular company, rather we represent our clients and work for their objectives.


our team

EZI Protect is based in Parramatta NSW and consists of a team of financial planners along with support staff. The business has been established for over 23 years by the founding director Mick Sykes. Mick is a second generation life insurance specialist his late father having been an adviser for over 30 years.

The company EZI Protect is an authorised representative of Patron Financial Advice (Patron). Patron is not owned by any external funds management or life insurance company but exists to provide the necessary compliance required to allow EZI Protect to offer the services it does.

A note from the director

I am both confident and proud of the professional service offered by EZI Protect to its clients. I receive feed back from my clients frequently concerning the way my staff and planners have helped everyday Australians secure the necessary insurances that provide them peace of mind. Lets face it life is complicated enough without adding the complexity of trying to choose which insurance is best for me and which company will provide me the best experience should I need to claim. Thankfully, EZI Protect can make this task EZI!

I look forward to assisting you in what ever way I can in your endeavour to secure yourself, family or businesses future through life and disability insurance.

Yours Faithfully
Mick Sykes