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Income protection insurance

provides a replacement income up to 75% of your predisability income in the event you become disabled through sickness or accident.Not sure what you need? Call for assistance, obligation free on 1300 917 735

Income protection insurance

payments are usually tax deductible to Australian taxpayers.

Income protection insurance

benefits are paid on a monthly basis and treated as income to the person receiving the benefit. They are paid for as long as you are disabled up to the expiry of the benefit period.

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We all exist in a dynamic socio-economic environment where we are faced with lot of unpredictable situations and this uncertainty leads to risking our income and expose us to lot many stresses that are related directly or indirectly to our financial status.


In times of crises or loss one is constantly facing the risk of becoming financially unstable and that's where the purpose of Insurance or cover becomes important, which is to help our family and our self by taking care in advance for these unpredictable and uncalled for situation through a proper and systematic insurance advice and thus investing in proper type of insurance policy.


Keeping the dynamic environment in mind there are various Income centered insurance policy. One such policy is Income Protection insurance which is designed to pay a monthly benefit and gives you the freedom to focus on your recovery, without having to worry about where the money is going to come from for your every day bills like your mortgage, groceries or utilities. Most income protection insurance is flexible and can be customized to suit your personal circumstances. Income protection policy is type of a loss of income insurance that works during times of adversity and provides a work cover.

Work cover means rehabilitating and compensating injured worker, and returning them to safe workplaces and the community. With a positive approach and the right support, injured workers can recover and return to normal life.

Trauma insurance is another type of insurance catering for different kind of situation to combat monetary instability as it takes care of expenses involved in recovering from a critical illness. The illness can be like cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass and stroke. Once the critical illness is diagnosed an individual is provided with a cash lump to take care of his treatment. Trauma insurance provides you and your family with a lump cash sum to use when it is needed most for medical care or to pay the mortgage and other debts to relieve financial pressure. Proper insurance advice helps everyone to take care of these unforeseen financial risks that we all are exposed to as we live in a very dynamic surroundings which are packed with all kinds of crises and unforeseen situations and one needs to be prepared in advance to combat them.